Aviation crash: The remains of ATR 72-200 Iran Aseman Airlines were found

After 2 days after the tragic plane crash in Iran, which killed 66 people, the remains of ATR 72-200 Iran Aseman Airlines were found.

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On 20 February, at 2 days since the tragic plane crash in Iran, found the remains of the ATR 72-200 Iran Aseman Airlines aircraft.

We remind you that the aircraft, which had 65 people on board (initially 66 was announced by people on board), disappeared from the radar on 18 in February, while operating the EP3704 flight on the Tehran Mehrabad - Yasuj route. On its way to the destination, the plane crossed the Dena mountain region, and the adverse weather conditions were fatal.

The remains of the ATR 72-200 Iran Aseman Airlines aircraft


According to information available from Aseman Airlines officials, the plane collided with Mount Dena at 14 miles from Yasuj, near Bideh village.


The search, search and recovery operations of the passengers' inanimate bodies are ongoing. According to information published in the Iranian press, so far 45 has been recovered by bodies without blowing, and others will be brought to the surface under the snow.


About 100 of climbers and rescuers are required to work at high altitude, in conditions of abundant sales and snow, but also of low temperatures up to -30 degrees. The wreckage of the plane, for the most part, is buried under 2 meters of snow. Avalanche may have occurred following the plane crash.

The authorities also noted that the pilots did not declare an emergency situation, nor did the emergency location transmitter (ELT) transmit signals after the incident. However, it appears that there was a signal issued by a mobile phone, which led the searchers to the area of ​​the accident.

Speculations put the accident on account of adverse weather conditions, technical failures and even human errors. Possible even a combination of factors.

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