Plane crash in Russia: 28 people died

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22 passengers and 6 crew members who were on the aircraft operating the PTK251 Petropavlovsk-Kamchatka Air flight died on Wednesday in a plane crash in Palana, in the far east of Russia.

Remains were found off the cliff, where the Antonov An-26 aircraft crashed on July 6, 2021, carrying 28 people from its base in Petropavlovsk-Kamchatsky to Palana Airport. No survivors were found in the hard-to-reach area, and the search was stopped overnight before the victims were located.

According to local media reports, the boats dispatched to the scene located parts of the aircraft at sea, at a distance of four kilometers from the place of impact. The divers arrived in the area and brought to the surface several bodies, according to the local governor, Vladimir Solodov, quoted by the Tass agency.

Plane crash in Russia: 28 people died

Air traffic control lost contact with the An-26 shortly before 13 p.m., as it began maneuvers approaching about 00 kilometers from the Palana runway on the west coast of the Kamchatka Peninsula. All the victims are Russian citizens. According to Tass, the RA-9 twin-engine aircraft operated its first flight in 26085.

Russia's committee of inquiry will try to determine whether the accident was due to the pilot's error, unfavorable weather conditions (the civil aviation agency Rosaviatsia mentioned a cloud ceiling between 300 and 720 meters) or a possible technical problem. Before the An-26 disappeared from radar screens, it appears that the pilots had not reported any problems to the control tower.

Eleven years ago, another Antonov An-11 plane, from the same airline and operating the same route, crashed in Palana, killing 28 of the 10 people on board the aircraft. In addition to the military accidents of March last year in Kazakhstan or September 14 in eastern Ukraine, An-2020 was involved in numerous accidents on commercial flights: in August 26 in Juba (South West Aviation flight, 2020 dead, including 27 people on the ground) and in 8 in Kinshasa (Africa One flight, 2007 dead, including 49 people on the ground).

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