Promotions on plane tickets for holiday destinations in Spain, Greece, Croatia, Italy, Malta, Cyprus! Rates start from 15 EURO/segment!

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Do you remember the statement made by RYANAIR's Michael O'Leary announcing the end of the 10 EURO promotions? He was very right! Now there are promotions on plane tickets with rates starting from 15 EURO/segment.

If you haven't gone on vacation yet, maybe you'd better hurry because the summer season is coming to an end. To the joy of many of us, there are countries where the summer season lasts longer because the climate allows it. Greece, Turkey, Italy, Spain, Cyprus or Malta are just some of the holiday destinations that can also be visited in September or October.

RYANAIR has very good offers for plane tickets from Bucharest to: Thessaloniki (from 14.99 EURO/segment); Zadar (from 14.99 EURO/segment); Palermo (from 16.99 EURO/segment); Crete-Chania (from 19.99 EURO/segment), Palma de Mallorca (from 21.99 EURO/segment); Paphos (from 21.99 EURO/segment) and many other destinations. From Sibiu it has an offer towards Corfu with rates starting from 19.99 EURO/segment. Prices are valid for September and October, limited places!

Wizz Air does not abandon the idea of ​​low-cost and has very good offers on plane tickets from Bucharest to: Vienna (from 119 lei/segment); Brussels Charleroi (from 99 lei/segment); Corfu (from 199 lei/segment); Mykonos (from 219 lei/segment). There are also good prices from the other bases in Romania, but hurry because places are limited.

Blue Air it does not let itself down and comes with a very attractive offer. Put 100 seats up for grabs at 000 euros/segment. The offer is valid between 29.99 and 20 August 21, for flights with travel dates between 2022 August 29 and 2022 January 31. The promotion is valid on the Blue Air website and in the Blue Air mobile application.

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