Flight tickets to Canada from 350 €, with British Airways

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We are moving with quick steps towards the end of this year. We are still splitting 2 months from 2020, but that does not mean that we cannot plan next vacations for next year. And I'm coming up with the offers at the plane tickets. This time I come with great prices for Canada.

Amazing, Bucharest - Toronto flights from 350 €, round-trip flights. The offer comes from British Airways and is valid for next spring. Rates are confirmed for scheduled trips in March and April.

Flight tickets to Toronto and Montreal

The promotional price of 350 € includes hand luggage, on-board catering and check-in. It's the light price. To promotion for Bucharest - New York, the offer for Canada is not subject to the number of nights at the destination. From my checks, the rate is valid at 5 nights.

We also have a very good price for Bucharest - Montreal, fares starting at € 368 for return flights. The price includes hand luggage, on-board catering services and check-in service. The offer is validated for trips planned in March and April.

I should mention that places are limited, so stop thinking and take advantage of these prices. And another aspect. Long-haul flights are operated by Boeing 787 or Airbus A350 aircraft.

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