TAROM development plan for 2016 - 2018

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Update: Dear aviation lovers, this article was written for April 1. It contains real elements, but the ideas about the plan are only dreams. We hope that one day we can say that it was not just illusions


On March 21, following the TAROM board meeting, Christian Heinzmann, the general manager of the company Tarom, and Tiberiu Ticlea, the administrative director of the company, were dismissed from office. The interim management of the company was taken over by Gabriel Stoe, who held the position of financial director at Tarom.

TAROM development plan

These changes came amid tensions, which have recently increased at TAROM. It all culminated in an incident in Budapest, when a TAROM-type ATR aircraft had to return to Budapest Liszt Ferenc International Airport.

Another issue at TAROM is the budget. It has not been approved by the Government. Expect a medium and long-term strategy to rehabilitate the company. Discussions on the modernization of the TAROM fleet are being carried out from 2014, and again the 2 Airbus A310 aircraft are millstones for the national carrier.

Boeing 777-200 TAROM

AirlinesTravel has obtained a number of sources from TAROM's new strategy for development and modernization. As it has been launched, TAROM will lease widebody aircraft for medium and long flights. TAROM wants to relaunch on long-haul flights. Attention has been focused on Emirates's 3 Boeing 777-200ER aircraft. In 2016, Emirates will withdraw from the operational 26 aircraft service: 12 x A330-300, 4 x A340-300, 1 x A340-500, 6 x Boeing 777-200ER, 2 x Boeing 777-300 and 1 x Boeing 777-X.

The new acquisitions will allow TAROM to resume flights to New York, Montreal and Hong Kong. This will be possible from the 2017 summer season. The 3 Boeing 777-200ER will be able to carry up to 278 passengers, in a configuration with 2 classes.

For short and medium flights, TAROM is considering the acquisition of Bombardier CS100 aircraft. On 19 March, a plane The CS100 bomber from the test fleet arrived in Bucharest. TAROM engineers proposed it for the modernization of the fleet. CS100 is a modern, new generation aircraft and can carry 120 passengers in a configuration with 2 classes. The new aircraft will enter the TAROM fleet starting with 2017 and will be used on domestic and regional routes.

If we are still talking about domestic flights, a growing market through the entry of low-cost operators, TAROM will resume flights to Sibiu, Craiova, Baia Mare and Constanţa. We know very well that TAROM has lost its monopoly on flights to Iasi, Cluj and Timisoara. As new routes, in addition to the long-haul and domestic routes, TAROM will also fly to Ibiza, Palermo, Abu Dhabi and Doha.

According to the new plan, the TAROM fleet will consist of: 3 x Boeing 777-200ER, 5 x Bombardier CS100, 10 x Boeing 737, 4 x Airbus A318. The "Fearless ATR" will be completely abandoned. As can be seen, TAROM is geared towards aircraft manufactured in North America.

  1. Bogdan says

    Wow, it will rent planes that Emirates no longer uses. It just sounded like a better flight with Emirates

  2. George says

    I would be very happy to hear one day that all these plans have materialized. Fortunately, I use air transport a lot and I consider that the development of the Tarom fleet is of urgent necessity, especially in terms of international flights. The company could operate domestic flights with Bombardier CS 100, Airbus 318 or Boeing 737, bringing the ATR out of operation as a logical consequence. Iasi Airport, for example, requires connections to Bucharest, at least, with much larger aircraft than ATR. Many times I was afraid of these devices in domestic flights, and this from a technical point of view and not arbitrary.
    At the same time, the company could open new routes to Mihail Kogalniceanu, Constanta from all major cities in Romania, and in the summer season even more daily flights.
    For example, the flight from Iasi to Munich, which I use most often, could be intensified, even with the three 3 weekly flights. Of course, the difficult operating range is also taken into account, difficult to obtain, due to the high air traffic on Munich. There are many other destinations in Germany, which Tarom could operate simultaneously from several cities in Romania.
    The acquisition of 3 B777-200 will bring further expansion and image of the company.

    1. Sorin Rusi says

      Unfortunately, we all dreamed beautifully. Not those who are responsible for the management of this company and who has lost in the last 25 years. And we hope to talk about TAROM more often and with more enthusiasm, but also have to do something remarkable!

    2. George says

      As a continuation of the previous comment, I think that purchasing a few A 320 and A 321 would cover the number of passengers on average distances in Europe. I find it a bit difficult to fly from London, Tel Aviv, Doha or Abu Dhabi with only an A318 or a Boeing 737-300, even when the aircraft is not full to the point. I do not know if at present Tarom operates any flight to Dubai.
      On top of that, the current fleet needs considerable upgrades and upgrades.
      I am in favor of a modernization of the national company and I am advocating for it, even with all the current shortcomings. The company has professional pilots, even if it does not address passengers on board and during the flight. A review of the way and the plan to manage the company, I think, can put Tarom back in the plan of the top air operators at European level at least. I am convinced that the specialists from Tarom take into account all the realistic forecasts for the company's development in conjunction with the annual fluctuation of the number of passengers.
      The ones written are just a personal view of Tarom and may not have realistic coverage at the current level.

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