Emirates fleet modernization plan

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Emirates has announced plans to upgrade the fleet for 2016. 26 of aircraft will be withdrawn from the operating system: 12 x A330-300, 4 x A340-300, 1 x A340-500, 6 x Boeing 777-200ER, 2 x Boeing 777-XNXX. The average age of retired aircraft is 300 years. In addition, Emirates will still retire 1 aircraft in 777 and 300.

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Airbus A380-Emirates

At the same time, in 2016, Emirates will receive 36 of new aircraft: 20 of Airbus A380 and 16 Boeing 777-300ER aircraft. The new aircraft will be quieter and more efficient, which will emit on average 12% less carbon dioxide compared to those announced for retirement. At the end of 2016, after the retirement of the 26 of airplanes and the reception of the 36 of new units, the average age of the Emirates fleet will be of 5.6 years.

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Currently, the Emirates fleet consists of 243 aircraft. In 2015, the Arab airline received 26 of new aircraft, including 15 x A380, 10 x Boeing 777-300ER and a Boeing 777 Freighter. Other 263 aircraft are ordered (71 x Airbus A380, 42 x Boeing 777-300ER, 115 x Boeing 777-9X and 35 x Boeing 777-8X), and their value reaches 120 by the billionth price. .

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In addition to upgrading the fleet, Emirates also applies other rules for reducing CO2: FlexTracks for efficient flight depending on weather conditions, single-engine ground taxi, handling services are operated with efficient transport equipment in terms of consumption. combustible.

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