Blue Air plans for 2014

Blue Air plans for 2014

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On the anniversary of 9 years of existence and over 9,5 millions of passengers transported, Blue Air proudly looks back and trusts the future.

The 2013 year was a very difficult one for the company, but the results are beginning to appear, after many efforts. They saw an increase in sales of over 10% compared to the budgeted figures. The transaction to take over the Blue Air business was completed, and all related employees were taken over by the new company. The executive management is provided by the same team of executive directors. At present, Blue Air has approximately 450 employees.

Gheorghe Racaru-Director General of Blue Air
Gheorghe Racaru-Director General of Blue Air

At the beginning of October, Blue Air took a very important commercial step by signing the partnership with Hahn Air, to develop the distribution through GDS (Amadeus, Travelport, Apollo, Saber, Sirena). As a result of this partnership, agencies from over 190 countries can sell Blue Air tickets, with their settlement through the IATA-BSP (Billing and Settlement Plan) system. Through Hahn Air, Blue Air is automatically an interline partner with over 250 of other airlines and becomes a link to the global air transport system.


As for 2014, a first step was taken through introduction of summer time, and passengers can book air tickets until the end of October 2014 with prices starting from 25,99 euro * / segment. For next year, Blue Air estimates 1,5 millions of passengers transported, consolidating the existing European destinations being the main objective of the company. Also next year, the fleet will expand with two more aircraft, and Blue Air will operate flights with a total of 8 aircraft. For the first time in the company's history, two of these aircraft will be owned by Blue Air, the remainder of 6 to be operated under operational leasing.

Increasing the number of aircraft will allow Blue Air to reactivate the charters segment, through strategic partnerships with travel agencies. At the same time, new jobs will be created. Blue Air announces that the average salary in the company is at the level of 84 000 lei / employee / year, and the additional annual contributions to the State Budget brought by each new employee amounts to about 34 000 lei.

Moreover, out of the total annual turnover, over 40% is represented by the export of services, which positions Blue Air as an active supporter of the Romanian economy.

Blue Air operates 25 European routes, and passengers can purchase their air tickets directly from the official website, by calling the Call Center or one of the Blue Air partner agencies.

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