I'm leaving to discover Madrid at the beginning of spring

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I'm going to discover Madrid on Friday. It will be a two-day micro-vacation in early spring. I will be for the first time in the capital of Spain, a city about which I heard beautiful things and gave one of my soul teams - Real Madrid. Madrid is also home to one of the most modern airports in Europe, especially Terminal 4 Madrid – Barajas.


Madrid has an interesting history, with many tourist attractions, parks (considered one of the few green cities in Europe), museums and it will be a challenge for me to discover as many of them as possible. I admit I have some emotions, but I get rid of them when I get on the plane. I have some time available and I want to present as many interesting things as possible! I hope I enjoy the good weather. I understood that these days it was kind of cold and it was snowing.

I trust it will be a beautiful spring weekend and hold my fists to catch sunny days. I invite you to "accompany me" on this journey and follow AirlinesTravel for stories and photos. Don't forget the facebook Airlines Travel! I will fly with Blue Air, and Paravion is my partner in Madrid!

I don't have a plan and I don't want to make one. I don't want information about tourist attractions, I don't want advice on what to visit and where to go. I want to discover Madrid as best I can in about 48 hours. But I would be interested in practical information that I cannot observe with the naked eye. I was warned to take care of goods and pockets because there are pickpockets on public transport. I was offered a tip on how to combine the subway with surface transportation to make costs more efficient. What else do I need to know about Madrid and the Spanish? :)

  1. Wish2Go says

    Have a nice trip! There is a large community of Romanians in Madrid, the Spaniards are fun and very friendly, the women are elegant and have the chance to find clothes at low prices 🙂

    1. Sorin says

      Yes, I will feel at home :). Regarding the prices for clothes, I do not shop: P. It is good to know that the Spanish are friendly: P

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