Luggage policy at Wizz Air / Guaranteed small luggage in the cabin

Wizz Air, the largest low-cost airline in Central and Eastern Europe and one of the fastest growing carriers in Europe, today announces its new transparent luggage policy, which aims to facilitate passenger boarding and guarantees them all access on board with free hand luggage. The new policy comes into effect from 1 November 2018.

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The airline's data shows that over 10.000 flights a year are affected by baggage delays. The figures show that, over the last five years, the average length of a trip has steadily decreased. Currently, every third Wizz Air passenger has journeys of three days or less.

Therefore, as a consequence of the shorter travel time, WIZZ passengers prepare their luggage smartly and efficiently. Each third passenger purchased a hold of luggage, while each seventh passenger opted for a troller carried on board.

Guaranteed small luggage in the cabin

From 1 November, each passenger can bring a free hand luggage (40x30x20 cm), while passengers who have purchased WIZZ Priority can also take a troller bag (55x40x23 cm) in the cabin. Based on the feedback received from passengers, as well as changing travel habits, Wizz Air has introduced a new type of 10 kilogram hold baggage, with prices starting from just 7 euros, to facilitate passenger comfort.

The new clear and fair luggage policy is very flexible, as it allows customers to choose between more than 50 of free or hold hand luggage variants, depending on their individual preferences.

The company encourages passengers to pack their bags efficiently and purchase WIZZ Priority, a service that includes free luggage (40x30x20 cm) and a troller (55x40x23 cm) that can be carried on board, priority check-in and priority boarding at only 5 euros.

Luggage policy at Wizz Air

Reservations without WIZZ Priority prior to October 10 for the period after 1 November 2018 will automatically include free luggage hold of 10 kg, while reservations with hold luggage will automatically have WIZZ Priority.

new conditions for luggage wizz air

Wizz Air believes that this transparent and clear luggage policy approach will contribute to a more comfortable and faster boarding, a better passenger experience and, at the same time, increased punctuality.

With more certainty that luggage takes place on board aircraft, as well as a wider selection of luggage weight and size options, passengers can now choose from an unprecedented range of preferences.

  1. Atodiresei Lenuta says

    So wizzair, I bought the ticket on the Bologna-Iasi route and return, before 10 October, for December. Do I have free 10kg hold luggage back? And the little bag in the plane? Thanks.

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