Pop.Up, a concept brand Italdesign and Airbus

Pop.Up is a modular vehicle, entirely electric and designed with zero emissions.

Remember SF movies with flying cars? If we look at Pop.Up, the new concept launched by Italdesign and Airbus, we could say that the flying machine is no longer the domain of fiction!

Pop.Up, the first modular vehicle system

At the Geneva International Motor Show, Italdesign and Airbus presented the world premiere of Pop.Up. This is the first modular vehicle system, entirely electric and designed with zero emissions.

It is designed to avoid the busy traffic in the metropolis. It provides a modular system for multimodal transport. It will make full use of both land and air space.

In view of the alarming forecasts for the increase of the ground traffic until 2030, the companies decided to join forces in trying to find a sustainable, modular and multimodal urban mobility system, through these efforts being born this concept.




Is this a realistic concept? From my point of view it can be. Technology has advanced a lot in the aerospace and automotive industries. When the two worlds come together, the result is Pop.Up.

From what I have read, the Pop.Up system is based on 3 ideas: passenger capsule, which can be connected to 2 propulsion modes (ground and air); a platform based on artificial intelligence, which will manage the complexity of the information regarding the user's travels and the virtual communication interface with the user.

He has a YES on our side, we'll see you in the end!

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