The port of Dover and the Eurotunnel have been closed following measures taken by France in relation to the United Kingdom

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The port of Dover and the Eurotunnel (Channel Tunnel) have announced that they are closing after France imposed travel restrictions to / from the UK due to the detection of a new strain of coronavirus.

The UK-France Eurotunnel border will be closed for 48 hours from 23:00 on Sunday, 20 December 2020. The last train left the United Kingdom for France at 21:34 on Sunday evening, passengers are urged to check in on time.

Shortly afterwards, Port of Dover announced that its ferry terminal will be closed to all traffic from the UK to France until further notice due to restrictions imposed on the French border.

The 48-hour period was chosen more as a buffer period until effective measures were implemented to reduce the spread of the new coronavirus in the UK. Certainly, in the 48 hours, preparations will be made for the resumption of freight and passenger transport in complete safety. Most likely, all passengers will be tested.

All exits from the UK to Europe are blocked.

France has decided to block any connection with the United Kingdom, including those relating to the carriage of goods by sea, rail, air or road. The measure was announced at the end of the extraordinary health defense council, chaired by Emmanuel Macron.

The decision taken by France comes shortly after The Netherlands, Belgium and Italy have suspended flights to the United Kingdom. And Romania has officially announced the suspension of flights to / from England starting December 21, 19:00.

In the context of the suspension of connections between France and the United Kingdom, Consular Section of the Romanian Embassy in London recommends that Romanian citizens, who intended to travel by road to France, take into account the fact that the Eurotunnel is closed for a minimum of 48 hours. All exits from the UK to mainland Europe are blocked.

Unfortunately, these holidays will be sad for many of those who have gone abroad, away from their loved ones. But with patience and confidence, we hope for a better, freer 2021.

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