Portugal built the "Arouca 516", the longest suspension and pedestrian bridge in the world

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Located in Arouca, in the Aveiro district of Portugal, the "Arouca 516" bridge is now the longest suspension and pedestrian bridge in the world. With a length of 516 m (1.693 ft) and a suspension of 175 m (574 ft), the impressive bridge surpassed the former record holder, the Charles Kuonen Bridge in the Swiss Alps, which was 494 m (1.621 ft) long.

Stretching over the Arouca geopark (protected by UNESCO), an area famous for its natural tourism in Portugal and outdoor activities, "Arouca 516" was opened on April 29, 2021 for city dwellers and on May 2, 2021 for the general public.


Designed by the Portuguese company Itecons Studio and built by Conduril, the bridge has a steel structure, supported by two V-shaped concrete towers. The bridge and its side railings are made of wire mesh, offering unobstructed views of the green mountains and the gorge. rocky.

Crossing the bridge takes about 10 minutes and, accordingly official website, "Is not for the faint of heart."

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