The love story between a flight attendant and a pilot.

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Anastasia and Denis have been together for three years. She is accompanying the senior board, he is a pilot at Ural Airlines.

Here is their love story.

'On September 16, 2017, at 4 o'clock in the morning, I entered the elevator of the block where I lived. There I came across a funny guy in a pilot's uniform: “Where are you going? La Gelendzhik? Oh, me too, ”and we continued to exchange a few phrases.


We arrived at the airport to prepare for the flight. I reached the flight attendant team to "introduce ourselves to the pilots" and there I met him again. I found out his name is Denis. The flight was easy, and I didn't talk to him that day.

After 3-4 days I had a flight to Simferopol. At night, I entered the elevator and found a sheet of sticker with the words "Have a nice flight to Simferopol!". I got in the car and then I found another message: "Did you see the little surprise?".

The epic with the elevator is not over (laughs). One early morning, on the emergency button, I found a rose with a message telling me to get used to it (the messages).

We met a month later and we didn't break up.


I had no doubt who was doing this. Personally, we only met a month later and we didn't break up. For any relationship you have to make an effort. Every meeting is special for us and even from a distance we feel each other. We spend about 10 days a month separately.

Sometimes we have common flights, but we don't like them. We have two dogs and someone has to take care of them. It is good to be on the same flight if it is a certain holiday or if it is a birthday (especially since we are born six days apart).

There were many surprises. For example, on January 31, 2018, I was on a trip and he gave me a toy dog. I didn't understand anything then. On January 1, he got home 2 hours earlier than me on another flight. When I got home I saw him with a puppy in his arms! A copy of the toy.

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