The story of Vladuţ`s, a friendly and sweet vampire

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In the spring of this year, I met Vladuţ`s. We've loved it since we found out its story, but we've become friends even more since we discovered how sweet and fragrant it is. Vladut`s - the little count is a descendant of the dreaded and legendary Count Dracula. Although he comes from a world-famous vampire family, he doesn't look like anything you've ever known. Vladut`s is a very special vampire, and below you have his story.

From our research, we learned that Vladuţ`s has 2 years, but it has grown as fast and beautifully as others in 7 years. Vladuţ` has known the good and comfortable life of the modern world, including the means of communication and socialization. He does not live in an old haunted castle. Vladuţ`s owns a renovated castle equipped with the latest technologies.

He was educated and educated at the most prestigious universities, which led to notable changes in him. Discovering the taste of sweets, he completely lost his appetite for blood. In addition, being a modern vampire and adapted to our times, Vladuţ`s no longer approves of the violent practices of his ancestors, helping them to master their old primitive beginnings.

As a result, he is constantly looking for sensational things and the most delicious sweets, recommending them to all friends. His fine and elevated tastes make him an opinion trainer in the field of sweets.

Want to know him? On Vladuţ`s you can find it at Art & Craft Design, being a registered trademark. And the recommended range of sweets includes: gingerbread with vanilla, cinnamon and chocolate; caramels with butter and salt; plums in chocolate; cocoa biscuits. The delicious products are made according to traditional recipes, thus preserving the Romanian values ​​and culinary traditions. Trust Vladut`s and try the most refined and fragrant sweets. We tried them and we can't get enough!

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