The story of the first Wizz Air flight on May 19, 2004!

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Today, Wizz Air proudly celebrates two decades of innovation, development and unparalleled service in the aviation industry. In other words, today they come true 20 years of Wizz Air flights.

Since its establishment in 2003, Wizz Air has been at the forefront of revolutionizing air travel, serving more than 400 million passengers worldwide and marking numerous milestones along the way.

The airline reflects on its journey and early days of operations. It hasn't always been an easy journey for the airline, but these moments are now an integral part of Wizz Air's legacy.

May 19, 2004 was an important moment for Wizz Air. On the day of the first flight, the team was excitedly preparing for the inaugural takeoff, scheduled for 06:00. At 05:30, the CEO was still not there. Apparently he overslept and was suddenly awakened by the operations manager. With much shouting and excitement, he arrived on board at 05:51, just in time for take off.

Later that day, Váradi was invited to speak on CNN about the new airline. The interview also had a little twist when the host told him the following: "Wizz Air is the 57th newly created airline recently, who needs you? Come back in a year, if you're still here".

"The rest is history, and Wizz Air has carried 400 million passengers in the last 20 years; even i'm still around" - He commented József Váradi, CEO of Wizz Air.

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