The story of the rumors at Henri Coanda Airport

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Bucharest National Airports Company continued this year's tradition of celebrating the 1 day of June, along with hundreds of children of Henri Coandă Airport employees and passengers. Today, at the airport, the laughter of the children excited by the characters in the story world of the Smurfs echoed. The little ones threw themselves into the ball pool, descended through the inflatable slides and played with brightly colored balloons.

The story of the stumps

The children of the employees and passengers were delighted by the entertainers Pope Ștrumf, Ștrumfița and Gargamel, who offered them inscribed T-shirts with characters from the cartoon "Ștrumfii", blue muffins with pictures of stews, popcorn, sandwiches and juices.

The tradition of marking Children's Day at Henri Coandă International Airport began in the 2009 year, when the Gargoyles Party was organized, followed by the Albinuta Airport, continued with the Pirates and Heroes and Princesses Attack, the Frogs at the airport, the Butterfly Story, each of them being appreciated. not only by the children, but also by their parents, passengers or employees of the companies that operate at the airport.

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