Pictures BIAS 2013 - Flight at dusk

Pictures BIAS 2013 - "Flight at dusk"

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La BIAS NOTHING, in the second part of the day "Flight at dusk". I watched aerial stunts at dusk. Of all the developments, the project “Air BanditsOffered the most beautiful show. In their evolution, the Iacarii use a YAK 52 TW type aircraft, made entirely in Romania, a model used for school, training and high acrobatic aerial demonstrations.


They provide a sensational performance in the lineup, containing elements of a high degree of difficulty, using pyrotechnic effects in the acrobatic night display. In the "Air Bandits" project, Iacarii collaborates with Jurgis Kairys, which raised the sensational level of the developments.


Below you have a photo gallery with pictures from "Flight in the twilight"!

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