Wizz Air position regarding the decision of the Pitesti Court of Appeal

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On 20 November, I wrote about the irrevocable sentence through which Carpatair obtained the decision to cancel the state aid granted to Wizz Air by the Timisoara International Airport "Traian Vuia".

Today I received the notice announcing the position of Wizz Air regarding the decision of the Court of Appeal in Pitesti.

Wizz Air is aware of the recent ruling of the Pitesti Court of Appeal. Wizz Air believes that this decision was taken incorrectly by a court that has no jurisdiction in judging and understanding the issues involved and that did not follow the correct procedures in this case. From the point of view of the law, which the Pitesti Court of Appeal considered appropriate to disregard, only the European Commission has the necessary powers to decide in the case of alleged state aid. The analysis of the economic details, which was not considered by the court (but which is essential for any alleged state aid), confirms that the agreement between Wizz Air and Timisoara airport is a genuine commercial agreement that is fully compatible with the Investor Principle. Private and it is confirmed by the continuous profitability of the airport. Wizz Air has made a significant contribution to the success of Timisoara airport for the last 4 years. Passenger traffic has increased from 300.000 passenger to over 1 million passengers this year, almost all of this increase being attributed to Wizz Air passengers. Wizz Air is confident that European Commission officials will confirm that the agreements concluded between Wizz Air and Timisoara Airport are perfectly justified, being genuine commercial agreements.

Wizz Air considers that the only truly beneficiary of the State aid from Timisoara is actually Carpatair, a company that benefits from much lower fees for the transfer of passengers, which represents 75% of the Carpatair traffic through Timisoara. These reduced taxes, applied to most of the Carpatair traffic, are for the benefit of the passengers who do not add value to the Timisoara region. Wizz Air passengers contribute much more to ancillary revenues of the airport and the entire region, however, paying higher taxes compared to Carpatair's ridiculously small and unjustified taxes.

So the battle continues.

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