Specifications regarding the TAROM RO188 race in Amman - Bucharest (18 January 2015)

Details about the TAROM RO188 Amman - Bucharest race, today's 18.01.2015

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TAROM has sent a press release regarding the issue of RO188 flight in Amman - Bucharest and the situation of the 38 passengers remaining in Amman.

TAROM RO187 Race: Bucharest - Amman, today's 18.01.2015, has been redirected to another airport, Marka International Airport, due to adverse weather conditions at Queen Alia Airport, Amman.

The 38 passengers, who were due to return to Bucharest on RO188, Amman-Bucharest, were at Queen Alia airport when they were informed by the sales agent - TAROM representative on the Jordan market - of this situation.

Given the time of transfer of passengers from one airport to the other, as well as the cumbersome security procedures, the TAROM crew on the RO188 flight exceeded the legal rest time. For this reason, the aircraft returned to Bucharest without passengers on board.

The sales agent on the local market, with whom TAROM has a commercial contract, deals with redirecting passengers to Bucharest, on other flights of other companies.

We regret the created situation, but the priority of TAROM is to provide its passengers with safe travel.
We will come back with details regarding the situation of the Amman-Bucharest race after the sales agent will make a detailed report related to the management of the passenger 38.

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