TAP Portugal specifications for tickets valid after 28 March 2016

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On 18 January 2016, I published a less pleasant news. TAP Portugal gives up the Bucharest - Lisbon route, from 27 to March 2016. Today we come with the specifications for air tickets valid after 28 March 2016.


Below is the procedure for assisting and protecting passengers with tickets issued for travelers starting with 28 March 2016, which has been approved so far.

There are 3 support possibilities:

1. Issuing a document for later transport or excess baggage (EMD), adding up the value of the initial ticket. This document can be used for the mentioned services within 1 year from the date of issue.
2. Rerouting on alternative flights, operated by TAP or Star Alliance partners (Lufthansa, Austrian Airlines, SAS and Brussels Airlines), to the final destination of the ticket issued on TAP.
3. Reimbursement of the amount of the ticket - the full amount will be reimbursed for tickets with the journey not started and the proportion corresponding to the unused travel segments will be calculated for tickets with the journey started.

Depending on how you purchase tickets, passengers should contact the following entities to discuss the assistance option you agree to:
1. Passengers who purchased the plane ticket through a travel agency (online or offline) will be addressed to its representatives to discuss the preferred mode of assistance - rerouting or reimbursement;
2. Passengers who purchased the plane ticket from the official website of TAP, will be addressed to the TAP Contact Center, using one of the email addresses below and specifying the reservation code and / or ticket number in the case: [email protected] & [email protected].

It is very important to take into account the 2 contact modalities, depending on how you purchase the ticket.

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