Prestige Tours signs an exclusive partnership with Calypso Tour

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Prestige Tours, the tour operator of the Happy Tour group, has signed for the summer season 2015, a new partnership, exclusively with Calypso Tour, part of the Casio Air group. Thus, Prestige Tours tourists will benefit from the best rates and availability for the best rated luxury hotels in Antalya - some for the first time for the Romanian market - but also for VIP services, a first for Romanian tourists, on a charter destination .

"We are preparing tourists for a new approach to a traditional destination. An Antalya otherwise, for all those who choose to return every summer to Turkey. Prestige Tours wants to offer its customers more options, better, in terms of services and tariffs, both for the chosen hotels and for the optional trips ”, says Elena Anghel, executive director of Prestige Tours.

"The offer for 2015 will include exclusive hotels, tourist assistance in Romanian language from tour guides throughout the trip. If, usually, a single guide takes care of 1.000 tourists, Calypso Tour provides seven representatives for the same number of customers, because quality and care of the tourists are a priority. In addition, access to information, maps, facilities, optional trips is available for VIP customers through tablets that will be handed to tourists from the airport and available to them throughout the stay. The tourist benefits from a special treatment from the moment he arrives at the airport, ”explains Elena Anghel.

Hotels that will be available to tourists in Romania through the Calypso Tour include the Port Nature Resort, the Mardan Palace Hotel, the KayaBelekPalazzo Hotel, the Miracle Hotel, Calista Luxury and Marti Myra. In addition, the VIP offer includes optional trips to the most beautiful areas of Antalya, as well as private yacht, tandem-paragliding, jeep-safari, rafting and diving cruises.

The packages of the summer season 2015 start from 400 of euro / person, during the Fair of Tourism tourists benefiting from discounts of up to 35%.

The average annual budget for a holiday in Antalya is 750 euros / person. In most cases, the Romanian tourist chooses a 5-star hotel and all-inclusive services. Over 80% of tourists who choose Antalya opt for the offers of luxury and exclusive hotels. "The demand for such units increases from year to year. A wide range of hotels is in demand, tourists are eager to try the latest luxury hotels. Such VIP tourists pay, on average, 1.500 euros / person for a holiday in Antalya ", says Aytaҫ Aҫikgӧz, European Contract Manager Calypso.

"In order to be able to offer them the best hotels and exclusive services they want, we have opted for a partnership with Calypso Tour. Our partner has contracts with the top hotels in Antalya, offers VIP services and is the guarantee of a worry-free stay ”, says Elena Anghel.

Calypso is a leading tour operator in Turkey with 10 years of experience in providing top travel assistance to tourists from all over the world. The partnership with Calypso came into force in October, therefore, Romanian tourists can already purchase VIP packages on an early booking basis. Although the stays are available on charter packages, the offers of the tourists will be customized according to their preferences.

"Exclusivism also means the customization of the package. We will provide the tourists with the best services and the vacation they want. We are glad that we will work with Prestige Tours, because, like Calypso, the company puts a price on customer satisfaction and providing the highest quality services ”, says Aytaҫ Aҫikgӧz.

Prestige Tours, part of the Happy Tour Group, is one of the largest tour operators in Romania. Prestige promotes an innovative business model, based on the high quality of the tourist products offered, on the safety and on the satisfaction of the customers. With 24 years of experience in tourism and an impeccable reputation, Prestige Tours maintains high standards of quality through dedication and creativity, validated not only by the Romanian market, but also by the European market.

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