List prices for Airbus aircraft for 2013

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Airbus, one of the largest manufacturers of military and civil aircraft, starts the year 2013 with an average increase of 3.6% in aircraft prices. The battle is very big between Airbus and Boeing. Each boasts modern aircraft, efficient in terms of fuel consumption, pollution, etc. It is interesting to see if the increase in aircraft will affect the orders this year.


A clip from the 6000 celebration of aircraft delivered to 2010!

Below is a list of portfolio models and list prices in millions of dollars.

A318 70.1
A319 83.6
A320 91.5
A321 107.3
A319neo 92.0
A320neo 100.2
A321neo 117.4
A330-200 216.1
A330-200F 219.1
A330-300 239.4
A350-800 254.3
A350-900 287.7
A350-1000 332.1
A380-800 403.9

Prices may vary depending on configuration, engines, capacity. There are a few models in the development phase, but orders can be taken, and deliveries will begin in the next 2-3 years. As you can see, a plane is not very cheap. Many airlines make great efforts to acquire new aircraft in order to increase the fleet or to rejuvenate it.

Until 31 December 2012, Airbus received orders for 12312 and delivered 7630, and operational are 7102. The European aircraft manufacturer was founded in 1970 and is based in Toulouse, France.

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