The "price alert" function, implemented in the Wizz Air mobile application

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Wizz Air announces that it has introduced a new feature in its mobile application, which will allow Wizz Air customers to activate price alerts for flights of interest.

With this application update, registered users can now set price alerts for up to five flights on which they wish to book tickets. This new feature will automatically notify users of rising or falling ticket prices, so customers can book quickly if fares suddenly start to rise or take advantage of price drops from Wizz's already very low base fares. Air.

To set up a price alert, simply download the Wizz Air mobile app, sign in to your account, search for a flight, and then turn on "price alerts." Alerts are sent once a day via a push notification and will be deleted automatically once the flight is being tracked. The Wizz Air mobile app is available for free to users Android and iOS.

Paulina Gosk, Corporate Communications Manager at Wizz Air, said: "At WIZZ we understand that passengers are looking for affordable flights when planning their trips, which is why we are always committed to offering the lowest fares in the industry. The price alert feature is based on this commitment, allowing Wizz Air customers to ensure the best flight deals through updates sent directly to their smartphone. We know that all travelers dream of their holiday plans when the restrictions relax, which is why we are excited to launch this feature to make sure they receive the best deal possible. ”

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