(SHOCK price) Bucharest - Dallas from 439 EUR, in April, with Air France-KLM

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SHOCK prices are holding a chain. After I announced Bucharest - San Diego from 447 EUR with KLM and Bucharest - New York from 601 EUR, in April, with Lufthansa, followed in turn Air France in combination with KLM. I saw the tip announced by Brăduţ, but I didn't believe it until I checked.

Bucharest - Dallas from 439 EUR, in April, with Air France and KLM. I did a short simulation, and below are the days with the prices on offer. The price includes the applicable tariff, fees, surcharges and service charge. The prices shown are per person and are valid for round trips. Remember that you need a visa for the United States.


I chose the period April 9 - April 22. Flights are via Amsterdam and Atlanta on the way and via Atlanta and Paris on the way back. It remains for you to choose your flight hours.



So spread the news quickly. Places are limited. Maybe there are those who want to follow in the footsteps of the famous Dallas series.

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