The first Airbus A320 (MSN 001) was painted in retro livery from the 1980 years

Earlier this month, Airbus unveiled the first Airbus A320 (MSN 001) ever built in an original 1980 livery. The plane will be on display at the Aeroscopy Museum.

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Airbus knows how to preserve its history. Earlier this month, the first Airbus A320 (MSN 001 / F-WWAI) was featured in the original 1980 livery. Operated the first flight on 22 February 1987.

Airbus A320-F-WWAI-first

Airbus is preparing to celebrate 30 years since the manufacture of the first A320 in history. The original aircraft will be delivered to The Aeroscopy Museum from Toulouse, France.

First Airbus A320 (MSN 001)

This is the first A320 family aircraft ever built, the flight opener to the most successful aircraft family. It is not a "sexy" plane, but it has gained an important place in the history of commercial aviation. To date, Airbus has delivered over 7000 aircraft and has several thousand in command.

The A320 family of aircraft has evolved with the aeronautical industry. He appeared to compete with Boeing's 737 family of aircraft. If you fly with Wizz Air or easyJet, you will certainly notice the A320 family aircraft. Instead, if you fly with Ryanair or Blue Air you will definitely be aboard a Boeing 737.

Airbus and Boeing have always carried on this rivalry, but without which the aircraft manufacturing industry would not have evolved. Both manufacturers share their market worldwide.

Recently, Airbus has launched the new generation A320neo with the delivery of the first plane to Lufthansa, a competitor for Boeing's new generation 737 MAX aircraft. The duel continues.

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