The first Airbus A321 Wizz Air Abu Dhabi was photographed in Hamburg (photo)

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The first A321NEO aircraft for Wizz Air Abu Dhabi, the newest subsidiary of Wizz Air, was photographed in Hamburg. Airbus has an assembly line. The test period follows and then delivery. This is one of the 2 allocated to the Abu Dhabi branch. Initially, this aircraft had the code HA-LVJ, but now a temporary D-AVVA is used and then it will be registered in the United Arab Emirates - W6.

It is a 321-seat A239NEO aircraft and will be used on routes operated by Wizz Air Abu Dhabi, from October 1. Flights are planned to 6 destinations: Kutaisi, Odessa, Alexandria, Athens, Larnaca and Yerevan.

The first Airbus A321 Wizz Air Abu Dhabi

The aircraft comes with a new livery, with the inscription Abu Dhabi on the tail, which suggests that it will fly from / to Abu Dhabi, in the fleet Wizz Air Abu Dhabi.

Primul Airbus A321 Wizz Air Abu Dhabi

Despite the recession in the aviation industry and despite the economic problems in aviation and tourism, Wizz Air continues to amaze us with its extensive operational plan.

PHOTO by Tobias_Gudat

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