First Airbus A330-200 Air Serbia

The first Airbus A330-200 in the colors of Air Serbia

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Air Serbia posted pictures of the first aircraft Airbus A330-200 from the fleet. It is rented from Etihad Airways and bears the YU-ARA code. The plane is about 9 years old. It operated the first flight on 16 November 2007, and from December 5 2007 joined the Jet Airways fleet. In 2013, the aircraft entered the Etihad Airways fleet.

Airbus A330-Air-Serbia-1

Airbus A330-Air Serbia

Since May 2016, Airbus A330-200 (YU-NOW) will fly under the colors of Air Serbia, and the first destination served will be New York. As I announced in February, Air Serbia will inaugurate Belgrade - New York route on 23 June 2016.

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