The first Airbus A330-300 WOW Air will bear the "TF-GAY" code

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No, it's not a mistake. WOW Air, the Icelandic low-cost operator, announced the first aircraft Airbus A330-300 will wear the sign TF-GAY, a name chosen to support the LGBT community and their rights. WOW AIR CEO Skúli Mogensen says TF-GAY's appointment to support the LGBT community is in line with the company's values.

Airbus A330-300-TF-GAY

From the very beginning, WOW AIR started playing with these aircraft registration codes. Currently, the 6 aircraft existing in the WOW AIR fleet have the following indications: TF-MOM (A321), TF-DAD (A321), TF-SIS (A320), TF-BRO (A320), TF-SON (A321) and TF-KID (A321). Follow TF-GAY to the first A330-300, which will arrive in March. The other 2 Airbus A330-300 will be received in June and will carry the TF-LUV and TF-WOW codes. As you can see, the values ​​of WOW AIR are family related and support equal rights for all, regardless of gender, religion, ethnicity or culture.


Going back to the 3 Airbus A330-300, they will be able to carry up to 340 passengers in one class and will operate flights on Reykjavik Keflavik - Los Angeles (15 June 2016) and Reykjavik Keflavik - San Francisco (9 June 2016) routes.

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