First Airbus A330neo TAP Air Portugal, in the world tour #A330neoTour

Airbus's newest aircraft, the A330neo, has taken off on a worldwide tour to prove its reliability. The tournament will include stops in 15 cities around the world and will run between June 18 - July 7.

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The Airbus A330neo is on tour around the world to demonstrate its reliability and functionality. The tournament will include stops in 15 cities. These flights are part of the certification program. At the same time, this tour will also include Extended Range Operation with Two-Engine Airplanes.

After flying to Airbus and Europe bases and including Lisbon's TAP Air Portugal base, the first Airbus A330-900 TAP Air Portugal took off for Rio de Janeiro, the first stop in a series of 15 airports on 5 continents. 3 routes will be operated and flights will take approximately 150 hours. As I told you, the tour is honored with the first Airbus A330-900 TAP Air Portugal aircraft, which comes equipped with the Airspace by Airbus cabin.

First Airbus A330neo TAP Air Portugal

The 3 routes: 1. Toulouse - Lisbon - Rio de Janeiro - Sao Paulo - Recife - Miami - Lisbon; 2. Toulouse - Reykjavik - Chicago - Atlanta - Toulouse - New Delhi; 3. Toulouse - Mauritius - Kuala Lumpur - Bangkok - Hong Kong - Jakarta - Manila.


For those who want to follow the Airbus A330-900 TAP Air Portugal flights, add AIB339 at

Currently, the certification program of the A330neo model includes 3 A330-900 aircraft, 2 in Airbus factory colors and 1 in TAP Air Portugal colors. They are involved in an intensive testing program, accumulating over 1000 flight hours.

Launched in 2014, the new generation of Airbus A330neo aircraft includes 2 versions: A330-800 and A330-900. This model will have a greater autonomy than the current A330 and offers a fuel economy savings of up to 25% compared to another competing model. The new Airbus A330neo aircraft are powered by the latest generation Rolls-Royce Trent 7000 engines, plus wing modifications to the A350XWB

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