The first Airbus A350 XWB TAM Airlines takes shape

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On 13 May 2015, Airbus presented the first image with the first Airbus A350 XWB TAM Airlines. A350-900 TAM Airlines takes shape on the final assembly line in Toulouse, France. As you can see, the wings and the vertical stabilizer were mounted on the fuselage.

Airbus A350XWB is 70% coated with advanced materials, 53% being composite materials and incorporates the latest innovations in the field. The wings have been designed to adapt during flight, changing their shape for maximum aerodynamics at different flight stages. This contributes to reducing CO2 emissions and fuel consumption by up to 25% compared to previous generations of competing aircraft.

TAM Airlines will be the first American airline with A350 XWB in the fleet and the fourth operator in the world. Delivery of the first Airbus A350 XWB TAM is scheduled for later this year. TAM ordered 27 from A350 XWB units.

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