The first Airbus A380 Hi Fly is ready for delivery

The first Airbus A380 Hi Fly will be delivered shortly. It is not a new plane, but a used one. Specifically, it is the first former A380 (9V-SKA) Singapore Airlines.

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But who is Hi Fly? Hi Fly is a Portuguese carrier specializing in charter flights based in Lisbon. Owns a fleet of 8 aircraft: 1 x Airbus A321-200; 1 x Airbus A330-200; 2 x Airbus A340-300; 2 x Airbus A340-500.

The first Airbus A380 Hi Fly

He is about to receive 2 super jumbo aircraft. The 2 Airbus A380 aircraft will be leased, for a period of 6 years, by Dr. Peters Group. Until delivery, the aircraft are stored at Tarbes-Lourdes, an airport in France specialized in aircraft preservation and dismantling.

The 2 A380 Hi Fly will be configured in 2 classes, and the carrying capacity will be 560 for people. But it is not excluded that Hi Fly reconfigured the aircraft to carry up to 600 passengers.

Hi Fly officials say there is a growing demand in the market for large, large aircraft that can carry hundreds of passengers at better costs. Of the 2 A380, Hi Fly has leased one to an air carrier, who wants to use it 1 year. The second will operate seasonal flights for another airline. It is not excluded that the 2 contracts will be extended.

The 2 Airbus A380 (9V-SKA and 9V-SKB), which will arrive in the Hi Fly fleet, are 12 years old. They were manufactured in 2006 and flew under the colors of Singapore Airlines up to 2017. On 9 February, the 9V-SKB aircraft landed at Tarbes-Lourdes.

We are curious which airlines will use the 2 A380 by Hi Fly. To be Iberia + British Airways, to be a specialized charter carrier?

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