The first aircraft spotting on Otopeni

The first aircraft spotting on Otopeni

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This month I had the opportunity to do so first aircraft spotting on Otopeni. I participated in a special activity, and the spotting part filled up some free time, so it wasn't premeditated. It just happened! I was inspired to take my magic bag where I have one Canon 1100D and two objectives: 18-55mm IS and 75-300mm without IS.

We did not make great settings on the camera, and the pictures below were made with 75-300mm, in hand, without tripod, zoom and without fireworks. I'm proud of the photos, but it's always a better place. I would like to receive constructive advice, what settings should I use, goals etc.

HA-LPW Wizz Air - Airbus A320-232
EI-DVU Wind Jet - Airbus A319
YR-BAL Blue Air - Boeing 737-484


  1. Laurentiu Matache says

    Yes! Take me next time! :))

  2. Sorin says

    Well next time you can take me: D

  3. Ariel says


    as tips:
    - take a circular polarization filter, you have the chance to get the blue of the sky blue.
    - I see that most of the images are at 300mm; In the future, you might be fine with an extender in case you change location.
    - the first photo, should crop-forget and straighten. The track line I say should be as close to the horizontal as possible.
    - 4 photo, I see purple fringing on the tail of the plane. Either the sun was in a non-optimal position, either from the lens. I guess you had parasol.

    Now questions:
    - I notice that you were in 2 different locations, can you tell me what steps / documentation must be followed to obtain permission from the airport for spotting planes from inside, near the runway? taxes ?
    - where were you from?


    1. Sorin says

      I stayed in one place, in all the pictures :)! I attended a special event. Spotting was unimpressive, so it was not at one of the preset locations. Because of this I didn't even have full equipment at my disposal.

      I didn't have a parasol!

      For authorized spotting plans see this link and I think there are only certain special moments when you can do something like that from inside ... I still don't know details etc!

      Thanks for the feedback and I'll take your advice! :)

      PS And thank you for attracting my attention via email. I forgot to implement it ... Forgive me! :)

      1. Ariel says

        thank you for info.
        Maybe if you happen to be listening to an event organized by spotting planes, you can report on the blog.

        : )

        1. Sorin says

          Yes ... You see there is a very good forum in this area

  4. Ariel says

    PS: I do not find the option of "get replies via email" ...

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