First Cobrex Trans / Boeing 737-300 (YR-CBK) aircraft

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Cobrex Trans Helicopter Flight & Service is a company from Brașov, whose main field of activity is helicopters. Cobrex Trans has partnered with the Daily Group in Suceava, known mostly for the Daily Caffe coffee machines, and they bought a Boeing 737-300, which these days also received its official delivery.

Boeing 737-300 Cobrex Trans
PHOTO via Forum Fly / Boeing 737-300 Cobrex Trans
Boeing 737-300 Cobrex Trans
PHOTO via Forum Fly / Boeing 737-300 Cobrex Trans

Their initial plans were to open an operational base in Suceava and start the operation of scheduled flights. The reckoning at home and the press statements didn't quite match the reality.

From the information found on to forum flyer, it appears that the Boeing 737-300 Cobrex Trans (YR-CBK) will operate charter flights from Pristina to Basel, Stuttgart and Dusseldorf. The flights will be under the COB code!

Returning to the plane, I searched for information on this Boeing 737-300 (YR-CBK). Constantin Apăvăloaie, the owner of COBREX Brașov, declared for Suceava Objective that the plane would have been manufactured in 2000. But the reality is not so. First, the last 737-300 was manufactured in 1999 and delivered on 17 December to Air New Zealand.

Secondly, it appears that the aircraft was initially in the TAP Portugal fleet and carried the flag (CS-TIL). What about CS-TIL? That is a Boeing 737-300 aged 24.6, which operated the first flight on 3 March 1992. It flew on TAP Portugal, Sterling Airlines, Aeris, Aurela and Kyrgyzstan Aircompany fleets.

The rightful owner is the leasing company International Lease Finance Corporation. From May 3, 2016, the aircraft arrived at Aurel Vlaicu International Airport, Bucharest - Băneasa.

So far about this plane and the Cobrex Trans. But the evolution of this airline is to be followed!

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