The first Boeing 737-800 TAROM landed in Bucharest

Great holiday to TAROM! After a long period without significant purchases, TAROM receives a new plane!

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Update: Let's complete the article with a personal feedback. For TAROM, the 737-800 aircraft is not unknown. Some years ago, TAROM had 3 such airplanes in the 737-800 family, but from an older generation.

Boeing 737-800 TAROM Bucharest

Today's reception was a moment of joy for TAROM, for the company's employees, for those who are passionate about airplanes, for the airport employees, but too much "jest" for this plane. It is appreciated that the aircraft is new, just out of the gate of the Boeing factory.

The interior is pleasant with Boeing Sky Interior, with more comfort for passengers. I can say that there is enough foot space even in this 189 seating configuration. It's nice to see everything new on a plane, with the specific smell. I hope that passengers will appreciate the new facilities offered on board the new aircraft and keep these goods.

As for the political class, he had nothing to look for in this equation. It is true that TAROM is a state-owned company, but the reception of an aircraft should be normal, not a moment of failure and praise for some politicians. We will certainly see how the PSD will boast with this aircraft in future election campaigns. But we do not want to comment more!


Today, 24 more 2017, TAROM has received the first Boeing 737-800 Next Generation. It was taken over for operational lease (dry-lease) for a period of 10 years. In other words, it is not bought, but nowadays it does not have to buy airplanes with the money down. But we are curious about the contractual terms and the rent established by the month.

Meeting the Boeing 737-800 TAROM aircraft

Posted by Airlines Travel on Wednesday, May 24, 2017

Boeing 737-800 TAROM, in Bucharest

The aircraft put the wheels on the runway of Henri Coanda Airport, Bucharest, at 11: 17 minutes. Before the touchdown, Boeing 737-800 (YR-BGJ) "Sarmizegetusa" executed a low-pass alongside 2 F-16 aircraft of the Romanian Air Force.

Arrival of the Boeing 737-800 TAROM aircraft

Posted by Airlines Travel on Wednesday, May 24, 2017

The aircraft is new, just out of the factory gate. Comply with all European regulations (EASA Compliant) regarding commercial operations.

Visit the Boeing 737-800 TAROM aircraft

Posted by Sorin Rusi on Wednesday, May 24, 2017

Momentary, the aircraft configuration is in an Economy class with 189 seats. But this configuration can be modified according to the business strategy of the company. Boeing 737-800 Next Generation comes equipped with Boeing Sky Interior: LED lighting system, larger luggage compartments, "Slim seats" ergonomic seats and optimized shape and size windows.


The great event was also attended by the elected members of the nation: Liviu Dragnea, PSD president; Sorin Grindeanu, Prime Minister of Romania; Alexandru-Răzvan Cuc, Minister of Transport. We do not go into political or economic details. I didn't see Mr. Klaus Iohannis!

Liviu Dragnea, Sorin-Grindeanu-Razvan-Cuc

We believe that the acquisition of the new 2 Boeing 737-800 NG aircraft was necessary to maintain the destination network in TAROM's portfolio. Plus the numerous charter flights, safe money for the company. But from here to even populist statements with the purchase of dozens of aircraft, including long-haul airplanes, is a long way and not easy.

We wish them easy and beautiful flights! We hope to fly on board the new 737-800 NG TAROM soon.

  1. Ciprian B says

    Well, if you don't go into political or economic details, why are you throwing the arrow at Iohanis? And maybe that's exactly what you bloggers should do, ask for information, ask for figures, don't take the official statements word for word. And I'll come back with a suggestion, if you were there at the event it might be interesting to find out your personal impression. senses, what you like what you don't like etc etc.

    1. Sorin Rusi says

      We do not comment on the policy. The AirlinesTravel site presented the objective article. If I have to express my personal opinion, too much galloping for such an airplane.

      It is a joy for TAROM, for those who are passionate, but already the political party has taken over everything and made the reception ridiculous.

      What did I like or not? Any Boeing 737-800 NG is nice. It's new, it's comfortable, but it's nothing special. I can only say that there is enough room at the feet even in the current configuration.

      And let's be honest. Any action TAROM would do, does not please everyone.

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