The first Boeing 777 in Scoot colors

First Boeing 777 in Scoot colors (photo)

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Scoot, a low-cost company owned by Singapore Airlines, received in March the first Boeing 777-200 aircraft. They have entered a verification and preparation program for the new routes that the company will operate from 4 June to 2012.

These days there were also the first ovic photographs with the first aircraft in the Scoot livery, a cheerful, yellow color scheme, but many say it would be too childish. I like! Below you have 15 photos with the first Boeing 777-200 in the colors of the Scoot.

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  1. [...] I also told you about Scoot in other posts. Last day we announced that they were presenting the first Boeing 777 aircraft in the livery Scoot! I recommend you to also read: The first Boeing 777 in the colors of Scoot (photo) Discover the new Boeing […]

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