The first Boeing 787-9 was painted

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Boeing continues to make progress Boeing 787-9, the first plane being already painted. The same color scheme that I saw in the first one was used 787–8, only the number on the queue makes the difference.

787-9 Paint hangar rollout

Boeing 787-9 will expand the Dreamliner family of aircraft. This model is 6 meters longer than the 787-8, can carry up to 40 more passengers and has a range 555 km longer than the smaller "brother" 787.

787-9 Paint hangar Roll Out

Instead it will retain most of the features of a Dreamliner: large windows, LED lighting, higher humidity, lower altitude pressure, much cleaner cabin air due to HEPA filters.


The first Boeing 787-9 is scheduled to fly at the end of this summer and the first delivery will be made mid-year 2014. Air New Zealand is the launch air carrier.

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