First Wizz Air passenger with free seat

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On 4 May 2015, Wizz Air operated the first flights with free allocated seats on the Katowice - London Luton, Budapest - Barcelona and Bucharest - Dortmund routes. Starting with 19, the assigned places service will be introduced on all WIZZ routes from 38 countries, one of the largest low-fare transport networks in Europe. Free allocated places, which are integrated into the booking process, can be modified by an upgrade to a favorite place, against a fee starting from 1 euros, through or through the WIZZ mobile application, anytime, up to 3 hours before from the departure of the flight.

The allocated seats were introduced by Wizz Air among many measures aimed at constantly improving the passenger travel experience.

Mr Slawomir Koziel is the first WIZZ passenger to benefit from the seat service provided today on his flight from Katowice to London Luton (photo cover).

Availability of allocated places

From 4 to 2015 Katowice - London Luton
Budapest - Barcelona
Bucharest - Dortmund
From 19 to 2015 All Wizz Air routes

Online rates for passengers wishing to change the free seat

First row Front seats Seats in the front of the cabin Seats with extra foot space The back of the cab
€ 5 - € 23 € 3 - € 17 € 2 - € 5 € 5 - € 23 € 1 - € 2,50

Rates vary according to demand!

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