The first flight of the Boeing 777X was delayed until 2020

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Year 2019 is not too good for Boeing. The financial results are well below expectations, it has lost some percentage on the stock market, and the 737 MAX planes are still on the ground.


And the bad watches continue for Boeing. The inaugural Boeing 777X flight was delayed for the 2020. A problem with GE9X engines pushed the first flight into next year.

And the first flight of the Boeing 777X was delayed

The first deliveries of Boeing 777X aircraft are planned for the end of 2020, but there are high chances for 2021 gaps. Remains to be seen!

Until the inaugural flight, the first Boeing 777X has begun ground tests. Boeing wants to make the most of this delay until the first flight, so it intensifies ground tests. She can't afford a failure anymore!

During this time, Boeing will continue to produce 777 aircraft, with 87 still delivering aircraft: 33 x 777-300ER; 53 x 777F and 1 x 777-200LR.

The new generation of Boeing 777X aircraft has registered orders for 344 units, from 8 customers.

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