Problems with CFM International LEAP-1B engines from Boeing 737 MAX aircraft

Due to problems found with CFM International LEAP-1B engines, Boeing decided to stop the test flights with 737 MAX aircraft.

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These days, Boeing going through a more difficult time with the aircraft testing program Boeing 737 MAX. Due to problems found in engines CFM International LEAP-1B, Boeing has decided to temporarily hold all 737 MAX aircraft on the ground.

Problems with CFM International LEAP-1B engines

The technicians discovered manufacturing problems on the low pressure turbine discs. Shortly after reporting these issues to LEAP1-B engines, Boeing shares fell 3% on the stock market.

Boeing 737-MAX First-Flight

Despite the problems, Boeing hopes to deliver the first aircraft as planned. Malindo Air is the launch customer for the new generation of 737 MAX 8 aircraft.

To date, LEAP-1B engines have accumulated approximately 2000 flight hours on 737 MAX 8 aircraft. Last month, the LEAP-1B engine was ETOPS 180 certified.

CFM International has stated that the LEAP-1A model, which equips the new Airbus A320neo aircraft, has no problems in structure and functionality.

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