Problems found on Airbus A380 aircraft will be resolved from 2013

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In February we announced that the aircraft Airbus A380 they had to go under control. The European Aviation Safety Agency (EASA) recommends inspecting all 67 aircraft Airbus A380 currently in use, after several cracks were discovered on the wings of such devices.

Many A380 aircraft performed these checks and concluded that the problem side would need to be replaced. It does not present a danger or endanger the lives of passengers, but an Airbus official mentioned that flying with such aircraft must be 110% safe.

About 120 of A380 aircraft will benefit from new parts made from a different type of material. An aluminum composite material will also be used, but it will be of the 7010 type and will replace the 7449 type material. Each type has a number of properties and can be used more or less under certain conditions. Tests and simulations cannot identify 100% for all long-term use conditions.

The new part will bring an additional 90kg to the aircraft, but analysis and optimization of parts are being looked for to keep the aircraft in current performance parameters. All these changes and repairs will cost over 100 million dollars, a cost that is fully borne by Airbus.

To begin with, the part will be built, tested and if all goes well, from 2013 will upgrade to the aircraft already in use, followed by the units in the construction phase to be directly equipped with the new part. Other parts may be changed or modified.

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