PROMO: Bucharest - Los Angeles with British Airways, prices from 435 Euro

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Households make their carriage in the winter season and sled in the summer season. On the same considerations, the traveler schedules his vacations in advance. Take advantage of British Airways offer for Bucharest - Los Angeles. 435 EURO fares for round trip flights.

The British Airways promotional offer for Bucharest - Los Angeles is validated for travel in October - November 2019.

Simulation of the British Airways offer


It is a very good fare for the connection between Bucharest and Los Angeles via London. Flights from Bucharest to London are operated by aircraft of the type Airbus A320. And the flights London - Los Angeles are operated with type aircraft Boeing 747 / Airbus A380 (according to the simulation).

The rate is the lowest in Economy class and includes catering and a hand luggage. If you want hold luggage and a preferential seat, you have to get a few tens of euros out of your pocket.

Take advantage of British Airways offer and beautiful trip on the west coast of the United States!

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