PROMO: Bucharest - Washington, rates from 1 EURO + taxes. Air France + KLM tickets!

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And because it is the Sunday of Flowers, we present an unbeatable offer. After Bucharest - New York and Bucharest - Boston, the turn of the Bucharest - Washington route came. Prices from 337 EURO (round trip). Air France + KLM tickets! The offer is valid for May and September 2019.

Air France - KLM - Delta Air Lines Transatlantic Alliance (SkyTeam members) came with these extremely low prices for such flights. From our checks, the 337 EURO tariff has been validated for cities on the east coast of the United States.

Bucharest - Washington at 1 EURO

Bucharest-Washington 337-euro-fees-included

In the 7 years of AirlinesTravel, I wrote about hundreds of offers, but I never saw such prices for flights departing from Bucharest to the United States.

Bucharest-Washington 1euro-taxes

If we were to act according to the marketing manual, we could say that the flight from Bucharest to Washington costs 1 EURO + fees. And this is the truth. The ticket costs 1 EURO + 336.10 EURO taxes.

And obviously, the luggage price is not missing: 1 x hand luggage of 12 kg and 1 x luggage of hold of 23 of kg. Plus the other services: catering, online check-in, etc.

Take advantage of the offer and enjoy the trip!

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