Promotions for swimwear, T-shirts, sandals, pants, shirts! Discover the summer selection of holiday air outfits!

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Summer has come and we are all looking forward to the long awaited vacation. After two years of pandemic, we're out trolleys from mothballs and we start to prepare them for future trips, only we are surprised to find that some outfits do not come to us, others are old-fashioned, outdated.

EMAG comes to our aid, which has a great offer for holiday air outfits! We find offers for summer outfits for EA, such as dresses and skirts, T-shirts, blouses, pants, sandals, but also for swimsuits.

It is recommended to wear light and light clothes in the summer season. It is not recommended to stay at the beach in the middle of the day, when the sun burns the most and the UV radiation is at maximum intensity. Between 10:00 and 17:00, it is recommended to expose ourselves to the sun as little as possible.

It is good to apply sunscreen all day long, at regular intervals, even if we are not at the beach. You should not wear a hat or hat or sunglasses in your daily routine.


Men are not neglected either, and there are offers for outfits for him, such as T-shirts, shirts, pants, slippers and swimsuits.

Men's swimwear

Take advantage of new offers to update your holiday wardrobe. The promotions presented in this article are valid from 2 to 19 June, within the available stock.

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