Airline ticket promotions at TAP Portugal - to the United States, Brazil and Cape Verde

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TAP Portugal has an interesting promotion for destinations in the United States, Brazil and Cape Verde, departing from Bucharest, prices starting from 619 EUR (round trip with all taxes included). You can enjoy this offer until 24 November 2012, and the travel period is very generous: January 15, 2013 - June 15, 2013.

If you are planning your 2013 vacation, consider the destinations at the TAP promotion:

United States: Miami, New York; Brazil: Rio de Janeiro, Sao Paolo, Salvador, Natal, Recife; Cape Verde: Sal, Playa, Sao Vicente

It is interesting that the offer allows "Open jaw" - arrival in one city and departure from another, within the same country. Example: You can fly to Rio de Janeiro and return from Salvador. You can also stay more than 24 hours between flights in Lisbon for EUR 50.

So don't stop because time is running out. You still have time to buy your tickets until 24 November! We also did 2 simulations, one to New York and the second to Rio de Janeiro.

Bucharest - New York

Bucharest - Rio de Janeiro

The offer is valid in the limited places available. The prices of the simulated periods may change depending on the date you buy the tickets. I say take advantage!

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