You can travel to Romania with expired identity documents. Here are the conditions!

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Many of you have asked us about how to travel to Romania with expired travel documents. If you are a Romanian citizen, no one can deny you entry into Romania, even if you show up at the border point with an expired identity card or without documents.


How to travel to Romania, with expired identity documents

Thus, on his return to Romania, in accordance with art. 29 of Law no. 248/2005 on the regime of free movement of Romanian citizens abroad, the border police may allow the entry into Romanian territory of the Romanian citizen who identifies himself with a travel document issued by the Romanian competent authorities, whose validity has ceased, only after carrying out appropriate checks in specific records , on the identity and nationality of the holder.

For any doubts or questions, please contact the Romanian Border Police at the following contact details:

In case of expired documents or in their absence, the transport companies may refuse to board you. At the same time, you may be stopped on the way by the control bodies and subjected to checks or you may be denied access to border points in other states. To avoid these inconveniences, it is possible to obtain a travel document from embassies / consulates.

Travel title

The travel document is issued to Romanian citizens abroad, who no longer have valid travel documents, only for the holder to return to Romania. The validity of the travel document cannot exceed 30 days, within a period of 6 months.

For the preparation of the travel document for children under 14 years of age, their presence at the headquarters of the Consular Section is not mandatory, being sufficient for parents to present a recent photo of minors. The presence of applicants for travel documents at the headquarters of the consular offices is mandatory. Exceptions are minors under 14 years of age for whom parents can present themselves with 2 passport photos.

The travel document is exempt from consular fees and can be requested without prior appointment in documented emergencies and for which departure is required within a maximum of two weeks.

Issuance of an adult travel document - documents required:

  • expired Romanian identity documents - passport or identity card, ORIGINALLY and copy,
  • if the passport / identity card has been stolen, the applicant must ORIGINALLY submit the police or carabinieri report issued following the theft report,
  • any other identity or civil status document, issued by the Romanian authorities (voter card, birth / marriage certificate, driving license, military booklet, diploma of studies with photography, etc. IN ORIGINAL and copy),

Issuance of the travel document for minors - necessary documents:

  • the presence of the minor is mandatory if he has reached 14 years of age; for the minor under 14 years of age, attendance is not mandatory - parents can present 2 passport photos;
  • the presence of both parents is mandatory
  • Romanian birth certificate of the child
  • the minor's passport (if he has one).

If you have an expired identity document, contact the nearest Romanian consulate and request the travel document.

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