Qantas has been designated the safest airline in the world

0 448 annually monitors hundreds of airlines worldwide and ranks them according to the degree of safety, incidents and compliance with the rules in the field.


For 2019, Qantas has been designated as the safest airline in the world. In the jet age, Qantas it did not record accidents with the victim and not even accidents that resulted in the planes being "totally damaged". By the way, Qantas will celebrate 99 years of flights. It's one of them the oldest airlines in the world.

In 2008, the British Advertising Standards Association mentioned that the Australian carrier Qantas is the most experienced carrier in the world. Qantas has managed to list nearly 30 important achievements in the aeronautical industry.

The safest airline in the world

Qantas was the first airline in the world to operate flights with
Lockheed Super Constellations. And it was the first airline outside the United States to receive a Boeing 707.

Qantas was among the first long-haul airlines to operate aircraft equipped with 2 engines. It has contributed substantially to the development of the air navigation system.

In 1962, Qantas ushered in the era of on-board recorders, which can monitor aircraft operating parameters and crew communication. At that time, 6 parameters were monitored. Today's FDRs (flight data recorder), recognized as the "black boxes", can monitor thousands of parameters.

And let's not forget that Qantas is also the first airline to connect Australia with Europe by direct flight. We talk about the route Perth - London with Qantas, which was inaugurated in 2018.

The plane, the safest means of transport

The plane is the safest means of transport. We do not say it by itself, but the figures say it. According to Aviation Safety Network, In 2018 there were 15 accidents with victims, in which 556 people lost their lives.

The report was issued following the monitoring of 37 800 000 commercial flights. Flightradar24 mentioned in a report that it was monitoring over 63 million flights: commercial, military, business and more.

In addition to serious accidents, there are daily accidents on the ground or in the air. Among the most common: aircraft depressurizations, exits off the runway, minor ground clashes between planes, dstrike bureau incidents and many more for which pilots are trained and passengers are not endangered.

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