Qantas has suspended most international flights until the end of October

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Qantas plans to operate almost 50 international routes in the coming months, but in reality the number of international routes served may be much smaller.

Qantas canceled all international flights by the end of October, except for potential routes to and from New Zealand.

Qantas has suspended most international flights

Oneworld member Qantas has decided to suspend most international flights because, according to their estimates, the COVID-19 pandemic will last much of this year. However, Trans-Tasman routes between Australia and New Zealand may be opened.

"With Australia's borders closed for a long time, we have canceled the decision to suspend most international flights until the end of October ", a Qantas official said in a press release.

"We still have a few flights scheduled on the Trans-Tasman section in the coming months, between Australia and New Zealand. Should travel between Australia and other countries resume, Qantas is poised to add more international flights to the program. "

Qantas will operate several domestic services, including the Melbourne (MEL) - Sydney (SYD) route and a number of routes to and from Canberra (CBR). Flights will also start from Sydney (SYD) to Ballina Byron Gateway Airport (BNK) and New South Wales.

In the summer season, Qatans will operate up to 15% of the total flight volume established before the new coronavirus pandemic. A few more flights will be operated in July.

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