Qatar Airways received 3 Boeing 777F aircraft

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Qatar Airways Cargo, one of the largest cargo carriers in the world, received 3 Boeing 777F aircraft. Thus, the cargo fleet owned by Qatar Airways reached 30 aircraft: 2 x Boeing 747, 4 x Airbus A330 and 24 x Boeing 777F.

Qatar Airways Cargo will introduce the new aircraft on its scheduled long-haul routes and will also operate them as charter vessels, supporting global trade and the transport of temperature-sensitive goods.

The Qatar Airways Cargo fleet will play a key role in distributing COVID-19 vaccines globally.

The Boeing 777 Freighter is one of the most efficient dedicated to long and very long flights. Propulsion is provided by 2 General Electric GE90-110B1 engines, being the most powerful jet engine in the world. The 777F has a payload capacity of over 102 metric tons. It can fly 4.970mm (9.200 kilometers) and carry a full payload of 224.900 lbs (102.010 kg).

During the COVID-19 pandemic, Qatar Airways Cargo helped transport essential goods, pharmaceuticals, perishables and other vital goods around the world. He used the entire cargo fleet, but also the space in the free cargo area of ​​the passenger planes.

In 2020, 6 Boeing 777-300ER aircraft were transformed into cargo planes, carrying a total (passenger area and cargo area) 156 cubic meters of cargo per flight.

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