Qatar Airways received the 53rd Airbus A350. (Video)

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On 31 December 2020, Qatar Airways received the 53rd Airbus A350. Thus, the airline has reaffirmed its position as the largest operator of A350 aircraft. With this delivery, Qatar Airways will operate 34 x A350-900 and 19 x A350-1000, with an average age of 2.7 years.

The airline's strategic investment in low-fuel twin-engine aircraft allowed the airline to fly throughout the pandemic. The Qatar Airways fleet has offered passengers more flexible travel options and very good connectivity to the 100 destinations served by Qatar Airways through the best airport in the Middle East, Hamad International Airport.

The 53rd A350 aircraft is the A350-1000 model. It is equipped with the Business Qsuite Class and will operate on strategic routes to and from Africa, America, Asia-Pacific and Europe. Qatar Airways uses the fleet of 53 A350 aircraft to 45 destinations in the airline's network, including destinations such as Johannesburg, London, Melbourne, New York, Paris, Sao Paolo and Singapore.

Qatar Airways plans to serve 129 destinations by the end of March.

Currently, the Qatar Airways network has reached over 110 destinations and the plan is to increase to 129 destinations served by the end of March 2021.

Passengers flying on an Airbus A350-1000 Qatar Airways can enjoy:

  • The most spacious cabin, with larger windows;
  • Advanced air system technology, including HEPA filters, which provide optimal cabin air quality, renewing the air every 2-3 minutes for more comfort and less fatigue;
  • LED lighting that mimics a natural sunrise or sunset to reduce jet lag effects;
  • The quietest wide-body cabin, which includes a damp-free air circulation system, resulting in a low noise level in the cabin for a quieter journey.

Qatar Airways offers passengers the option to change the flight date or receive a refund of the value of tickets issued before April 30, 2021, for trips completed by December 31, 2021.

The company's flexible booking policy also offers the possibility to exchange the ticket with a travel voucher with an additional value of 10% for all customers who book flights through For terms and conditions, visit

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