Qatar Airways will fly to 40 destinations. Not to Bucharest!

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As of June, Qatar Airways is flying to 40 destinations. Unfortunately, Bucharest is not on the shortlist of the Qatari carrier.

Qatar Airways is rebuilding its operational network and will gradually add new destinations. It started flying towards Bangkok (01 June 2020), Barcelona (01 June 2020), Islamabad (04 June 2020), Karachi (02 June 2020), Lahore (01 June 2020), Peshawar (04 June 2020), Singapore (June 02, 2020) and Vienna (01 June 2020).

Qatar Airways will fly to 40 destinations

Qatar Airways will fly to 40 destinations

Thus, Qatar Airways has managed to operate 170 weekly flights in over 40 destinations. The airline also announced the resumption of flights to Berlin (1 July 2020), Dar es Salaam (16 June 2020), New York (19 June 2020), Tunis (June 05, 2020) and Venice (July 15, 2020). The frequency of flights to Dublin, Milan and Rome will increase.

The new destinations have joined a steady network of 30 destinations that Qatar Airways has kept active during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Qatar Airways has implemented and improved its on-board safety measures for passengers and cabin crew. Passengers will also be required to wear a mask, with the carrier recommending passengers to bring their own masks.

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